Friday, March 15, 2013

homemade thai food and a wish for spring

Walking home today all I could think about was "March, you are a bitch. Where is Spring?!" Growing up in Maryland and going to college in DC, the month of March meant many things. It's my birthday month for starters - the beginning of Spring, Spring Break, flowers, white Keds, and a sense of newness. 

Now, in New York, its just...still winter. And also my birthday month. But mostly still winter. This is a tough reality to face. Its the month after the worst month of the year (Valentine's Day, my brother's birthday month, the grayest, slushiest, most miserable month), and yet it feels the exact same. I may be acting a bit oversensitive about the weather but when you get used to something for 22 years of your life and then you MOVE and it just CHANGES and you can't DO anything about it (and you're slightly neurotic and more than a little bit of a control freak) well, its a bitter pill.

Luckily, today I had a little brightness waiting for me in the form of a brown cardboard box. It had something in it that my little kitchen-driven heart has been wanting for a long time. 

I know you must be wondering - what could possibly get her so riled up that comes in a beat up box like that?


Did you?

Here's the answer:

White. Bowls. Yes...I'm serious. White, kitchen bowls with an adorable honeycomb pattern on them. I am struck speechless by how perfect they are. Is this what its like to have a child? I love them so much I want to shout it from the rooftops. I won't, because I know how annoying it is when people post pictures of their babies on Facebook and I imagine this is the single culinary obsessed woman's equivalent (clearly not speechless). Prepare to see much more of these in my upcoming posts of aggressively colored foods.


I was struck with inspiration this afternoon - not entirely enthused by the prospect of delivery Thai food, I decided to make my own. Thai green curry with shrimp was my first foray into the land of lemongrass and it was easy enough. Expanded my adventure today to edamame dumplings. It was well worth the effort (which, honestly, was not much).

In full disclosure, one of my best friends from High School is getting married tomorrow. I am so incredibly happy for her and the life she is about to begin with her husband is sure to be a beautiful one.

That being said, feeling accomplished tonight was very important.

I also painted my nails.

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