Wednesday, March 20, 2013

celebrating spring...soba style

Had a bit of a rough day at work yesterday. It happens to all of us. A project falls behind, or someone pokes a hole in your awesome argument, someone takes their frustration out on you. Things happen.

When they happen to me, I need to do something for myself.

This something used to involve ordering delivery, sitting on my couch and watching bad romcoms. Now, its about going to the market, buying fresh, bright ingredients, and making myself a beautiful meal.

Its not only nourishing to my belly, but it gives me a sense of success. It makes me remember that I'm damn good at something that I love doing. I'm not saying I'm the best, or even better than anyone else. But its pretty great to feel a sense of accomplishment after feeling a bit down about your day.

I bought miso for the first time last week. It came in a small tub, and I only used a teaspoon (for the edamame dumpling filling). I've been searching for recipes calling for miso since. I found this recipe on 101 Cookbooks early on in my search.  I kept looking, but ended up coming back to this recipe over and over again.

With recipes like this, I love that I can add any produce I want. Whatever looks good at the market hops right on top of the soba noodles and walnut miso dressing. I've always been a sucker for toppings and condiments - so I went a bit crazy.

I added straw mushrooms, bean sprouts, an egg, and black sesame seeds on top of what the recipe called for. The result was a protein packed, delicious, vegetarian(!) meal. And of course, a sense of accomplishment on the side.

Meals like this make me feel like maybe I could be vegetarian. Then I remember how much I love cheeseburgers.

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