Friday, March 15, 2013

a sprinkle of this, a dash of that

I've never been one to dive head first into things. This isn't to say I'm not hungry, or self motivated, or the other words people my age use to describe themselves on their LinkedIn profiles. I appreciate opportunity as much as the next 20-something, I just don't always seize it. 

I see this project as a way to push myself at something I've always found comfort in. To me, cooking is a necessity. I need it, not for the obvious reasons of sustenance and health, but for a sense of calm - to clear my head. It is the one activity/hobby/thing that I do that allows me to not THINK about anything. This is a luxury for someone who lives in their head.

And so, I suppose, here begins my diary. I invite you, invisible person (who I actually hope ISN'T reading because I always tend to get too personal in projects like this) to get into my head and onto my plate. Not in the sense that I'll be sauteing, blanching, or roasting you, but rather that you can see...what I put...on my plate. Get it?

Welcome to a mix of what I'm cooking, who I'm seeing, what I'm doing, and without fail, what I'm thinking about.

Here goes nothing (this is more terrifying than online dating).

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